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Sobering reality for news outlets: Your readers are somewhere else 99% of the time » Nieman Journalism Lab

The study, conducted for the Medill Local News Initiative, suggests that news outlets would be wise to broaden their view of their competition, and to analyze those competitors to learn more about what their own audiences want. For the study, Collinger analyzed anonymous data on visitors to each of the three news sites and then measured how much time they spent on that news site compared to the time they spent on other websites during that same month. Read More: www.niemanlab.org

Time Spent with Media 2019

In 2019, time spent with media by US adults will average 12 hours, 9 minutes per day, a 1-minute increase from our estimate last year. In our new report collection on time spent in the US and eight other markets across the globe, we find that there are large disparities in total average time spent. Read More: www.emarketer.com

Directly (cash) or indirectly (advertising), content needs to be paid for.

PUBLISHERS WILL FACE A BACKLASH FROM CONSUMERS WITH PAYWALLS: Publishers won’t be able to count on Trump forever Interest in President Donald Trump fueled record subscription signups for numerous news outlets in the first few months after the 2016 presidential election, but the so-called Trump bump didn’t last. Source: www.businessinsider.com

Codewise’s Voluum Tracker is Industry’s First AI-Powered Ad Traffic And Offers Match Optimization

Codewise, a leading provider of ad exchange and ad measurement and optimization platforms, recognized by the Financial Times as the second fastest-growing company in Europe, announced that Voluum Tracker has become the world’s first AI-powered online advertising measurement, management and optimization suite with the addition of the revolutionary Offer Automation technology. Source: martechseries.com/predictive-ai/ai-platforms-machine-learning/codewises-voluum-tracker-is-industrys-first-ai-powered-ad-traffic-and-offers-match-optimization/

Advertising Falls To Lowest Share Of Time Spent With Media Ever 03/01/2018

The report, published by PQ Media, projects that ad-supported media’s share of consumer time will fall to 42.5% by 2021, as consumers shift more of their time and attention to media that has little or no advertising in it – mainly subscription services for consuming video, audio and other forms of media. Source: www.mediapost.com/publications/article/315078/advertising-falls-to-lowest-share-of-time-spent-wi.html

Engagement is more important than viewability for effective ads

The true value of inventory lies in engagement so the industry must make measuring viewable engagement time its first step along the performance curve towards effectiveness. Viewable engagement time is a very different concept to dwell time; the current industry standard that measures the time between the ad loading and the user closing the tab. Dwell time is not effective for measuring engagement because the user might have left the tab open while taking a screen break, or have opened the tab to read at a later date that never comes. Source: www.thedrum.com/opinion/2018/01/03/engagement-more-important-viewability-effective-ads

Viewport Time: The Ultimate User Engagement Metric?

Researchers have created a user engagement metric that is more detailed than Dwell Time and other standard measures of user engagement. In 2014 they published a research paper titled, Towards Better Measurement of Attention and Satisfaction in Mobile Search that explored using a mobile browser viewport to track user behavior in order to improve user engagement. Obviously, Viewport Time is a valuable user engagement metric. Source: www.searchenginejournal.com/viewport-time/228761/