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Council Post: How To Measure The Success Of Your TV Ads Through Digital Analytics

While there are numerous platforms and solutions for measuring the impact of TV advertising on the market today, advertisers that have run TV ads have a wealth of data at their fingertips via analytics within their digital platforms, many of which have data going back years that could be used to analyze the performance of past TV ads. Make sure you track lift in direct traffic corresponding with TV activity to capture and understand the full impact of your TV ad. Measuring the impact of your TV advertising on digital traffic is no simple task. Read More: www.forbes.com

New Report: 12 Percent of Global Ad Traffic is Fraudulent

Fraudlogix, an ad verification company, has released a new report that finds 12 percent of global digital ad traffic to be fraudulent, with the United States and the United Kingdom having higher percentages. Source: https://martechseries.com/sales-marketing/new-report-12-percent-global-ad-traffic-fraudulent/