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Unilever calls out ‘lazy’ brand and agency marketers for creating stereotypical ads

Explaining Unilever’s latest mission during her keynote at Spikes, Santos told the audience it was a huge concern for the company that only 1% of ads in APAC showed women as intelligent, only 3% showed women over the age of 40, not a single spot showed anyone with a disability, only 3% showed men as fathers and 0% of ads showed a man cooking. Source: www.thedrum.com/news/2018/09/28/unilever-calls-out-lazy-brand-and-agency-marketers-creating-stereotypical-ads

What Blockchain Means For Omnichannel Marketing

How might IBM iX, as IBM’s in-house agency, positioning the use of Blockchain over time? Can it also promote improved targeting, particularly when it comes to the complications involved in omnichannel strategies between online and offline, desktop and mobile and voice activation? Source: www.geomarketing.com/what-blockchain-potentially-means-for-omnichannel-marketing