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‘We’re playing offense’: Verizon pivots its publishing strategy to focus on commerce

Some of these tools have helped Verizon Media develop strong relationships with retailers such as Walmart, which counts Verizon as one of its top drivers of affiliate transactions. The strategy is also designed to broaden the meaning of Verizon Media Group’s brands for its audience, a strategy that has underpinned many publishers’ revenue diversification plans. Read More: digiday.com

Verizon enables private IP network connectivity

Verizon is aiming to increase connectivity between organisations with a private IP network to more than 100 data centers worldwide. The solution leverages an API to integrate pre-provisioned Verizon Private IP bandwidth via ECX Fabric, while eliminating the need for dedicated physical connectivity. Read More: datacenternews.asia

When It Comes To Addressable TV, AT&T Has The Scale And Verizon Has The Speed

While Oath pitches its 4.6 million addressable TV households and its dominance in major metropolitan markets along the Eastern seaboard, AT&T has truly massive scale, with 15.5 million addressable TV households. Source: adexchanger.com/tv-2/when-it-comes-to-addressable-tv-att-has-the-scale-and-verizon-has-the-speed/

Verizon’s Reawakening

Over the last several years, Verizon has not been adding positive story ideas to the mix, so reporters have focused on other stories. In the past, Verizon has been the company at the center of various problem areas of its own creation – such as pulling out of local phone service and moving toward wireless. The new ad campaign represents Verizon’s transition from being viewed as primarily a wireless carrier to taking on a central role as a leading technology brand, according to Verizon marketing executive Diego Scotti, by expanding to smart cities, the Internet of Things, telematics and more. Source: www.ecommercetimes.com/story/Verizons-Reawakening-85044.html