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Global Streaming Video Ad Quality in Q3 2019

Nearly 40% of Global Streaming Video Ads Failed in Q3 2019

Case in point: on average, 39.6% of video ads failed in Q3, leaving video ad quality something to be desired and still out of reach. The quality of streaming video is better than that of video ads, with an overall video start failure rate of just 0.78%. More than one year ago, research found 7 in 10 video streaming service providers believing that streaming video quality would match traditional TV within one year, with 35% of them saying it had already met or exceeded the quality of traditional TV. As Conviva’s data shows, streaming video quality is high and improving, though ads still have room to improve. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com

* Premium Video Ads in the US

Audience Targeted Premium Video Ad Views Are on the Rise

Video Views and Ad Views Up. Total video ad views in the US continued to climb in Q2, up by 27% y-o-y, with premium video views also seeing double-digit growth in the same period. Half of all ad views on CTV were during the full-episode format, with live accounting for another 47%. While 81% of premium video ad views were booked through direct deals during Q2, the number of video ad views served via programmatic channels grew twice as fast. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com

MRC Finalizes Cross-Media Standard, Revises Duration Weighting To ‘Relative’ Approach

The Media Rating Council has released a final version of the advertising and media industry’s new standards for cross-media audience measurement, including a significant revision to a controversial component that would require audience measurement companies to weight the duration of ad impressions calculated across video ad platforms. The MRC said it is making the adjustment following a series of discussions with industry stakeholders, especially from the demand-side, who believe the relative approach is a more fair and accurate way of accounting for the audience delivered by each ad unit. Read More: www.mediapost.com

Qualities for Consumers' Decision-Making

What Qualities Do Consumers Want From Online Videos?

Video is having an impact on consumers, with three-quarters of global adult shoppers saying they have made a purchase after viewing a video for a product, a percentage that is even higher among Millennials. Interestingly, despite research suggesting that consumers are uncomfortable with too much targeting and use of their data to sell more products, some respondents say that taking their location into account and using their name and information about them the video are qualities that would make an online video valuable to their decision-making process. Read More: www.marketingcharts.com

In #5G Social Media Advertising, AT&T Goes Old While Verizon Goes Male

There are some noteworthy differences in exactly how Verizon and AT&T are taking their 5G message to consumers on social media. Why is this important?According to numbers from advertising measurement company Zenith last year, Internet advertising has already surpassed TV as the world’s primary advertising medium. Read More: www.lightreading.com