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‘No More Ads Means No More Income’: YouTube Hit With $170 Million FTC Fine

Content creators focusing on producing content for children will have to say they’re producing content for kids, and even if they don’t opt-in, YouTube say they’ll find the creators, deploying machine learning to find those videos and flag up the creators. The media company executive said he needed to talk to his YouTube contact for more detail as to the future of his channels, as YouTube had not given him any formal warning ahead of its public announcement about the coming changes to child-focused channels. Read More: ffwd.medium.com

YouTube’s Trampled Foes Plot Antitrust Revenge

YouTube then used that supply to control ad prices and amass data about viewers, squeezing out anyone that tried to compete, according to interviews with more than a dozen partners, rivals and former employees. Many asked not to be identified discussing sensitive information about a powerful industry player. YouTube didn’t wipe out competition in one fell swoop, or act maliciously, according to these people. That left a graveyard of failed companies in its wake and fewer choices for advertisers, the people said. In digital video advertising, YouTube has no peers. Read More: www.bloomberg.com

Fire Tv Now Has 34 Million Users, Amazon Claims

Across all of its devices, Fire TV now has 34 million monthly active users, according to Amazon. Each and every Fire TV device now ships with a voice remote with direct access to Alexa, and the company also began exploring far-field voice control for TV with the Fire TV Cube. Read More: variety.com

JPMorgan, frustrated with YouTube safety, took control of its ads

From more than 5 million channels the brand has winnowed the list down to 3,000 YouTube channels that its ads appear on. Dissatisfied with YouTube’s slow response, the bank decided to take matters into its own hands and create an internal tool to make sure that its ads don’t end up next to unsavory content on YouTube, only going back to YouTube after testing the tool. From over 5 million channels, it says that it has winnowed the list down to 3,000 channels on YouTube that its ads appear on. Source: www.businessinsider.com/jpmorgan-frustrated-youtube-brand-safety-ads-2017-12?r=UK&IR=T